Who We Are

CTC Training Center is a Chicago based peer-to-peer training center with an intention to create a community of learners. We provide high quality, high impact training experiences in a casual and relational environment. By learning with us we hope you walk away with not only increased knowledge but also a sense of connection to yourself and others. As mental health providers, our jobs can be hard and you don’t have to do it alone. We want to do this work together, as a community.

What We Offer

  • Training

    We provide professional development workshops for mental health providers utilizing a trauma stewardship framework. We offer high quality workshops in a supported environment. Workshops we provide can be applied to oneself and those they serve.

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  • Speaking

    We care deeply about the communities in which we work and live. We believe our job goes beyond the therapy room. The resources, ideas, and tools we teach and speak about in therapy also belong in the community.

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  • Sponsoring

    You have great ideas and may be interested in developing a workshop of your own. We are a licensed CE provider through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (License #268000085). We can provide CE certificates for psychologists, counselors and social workers.

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Pillars of Our Training Center

  • Community and Connection

    As mental health clinicians we bear witness to the joys and sorrows of others. Our jobs are hard. We aim to create community and connection to ease the weight of what we witness. We do better work when we are in community with each other.

  • Reciprocal Learning

    We learn from you as much as you learn from us. We are all learning and growing together. We value and invite feedback from our participants to continuously improve our content.

  • Personal Growth

    We are always learning and growing in our practice as clinicians. And, growth happens at the edge of our comfort zone. We invite participants to explore their growth edges in a supported environment.growth